How Do You Lay Paving Slabs?

Paving Contractor

Would you like to do a paving project yourself instead of hiring the services of a paving contractor? Do you have manual skills and experience and love a challenge?

Doing a DIY paving project in Dublin can save you money if you have access to someone who has the tools for the job. Alternatively, given the cost of acquiring the necessary tools, whether purchased or rented, you may soon find it more practical to hire registered professional pavers to install quality paving slabs on your driveway or garden.

So let’s assume you have access to the tools you need and are ready to tackle your paving job yourself. Where to start? You should make a list of all the materials you need and make an effort to find a quality flooring supplier like Kilsaran. The type and amount of materials you need depends on the type of paving and the size of the job. For material guidance, visit our blog, The Ultimate Guide to Patio Paving.

First, you need to prepare the ground. The depth of excavation depends on the existing soil conditions, the type of pavement to be installed, the type and amount of traffic the area must support, and the required level of finish of your new pavement.

Then you need to install the hardcore to the required depth and compact it with a compactor plate. Making sure the hardcore is properly leveled and compacted is essential to providing a good foundation for your pavers to prevent future sagging.

Next, you need to spread a small amount of paving sand over the entire surface and level well, as this is the last leveling step before laying the pavers. This step is for concrete pavers.

If you choose natural stone, you will need to lay it down with wet sand and cement. This can be a bit tricky, so if you don’t have a lot of experience using cement, it might be best to leave it to the paving professionals.

Once you’ve laid all the regular-size tiles, you’ll need to cut the rest to fill in the gaps using a circular saw or angle grinder with a special blade required for the style of paving you’ve chosen.

If at any point you find that home improvement work becomes overwhelming, you can always benefit from a professional paving service like Driveway Paving, a Dublin-based paving company. We specialize in quality driveway and patio installation and paving in Dublin. You can contact us.