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Natural Sandstone Dublin

Natural Sandstone Dublin

Best Natural Sandstone Dublin

Contact us for a free quote to pave your driveway or patio. A natural sandstone paving on your property would add an elegant look to your home or commercial property.

When it comes to natural sandstone paving, there is a good range of options available such as: B. Indian sandstone, granite, limestone and quartz.

The laying process of natural stone paving differs from that of other types of slabs or pavers.

Due to its brittle materiality, it is usually placed on a wet cement-sand mix, and the joints are filled with a similar mortar mix to ensure a solid foundation that will not crumble over time.

This special laying method is intended to ensure that weeds do not grow in the gaps between the panels.

Natural sandstone paving is low maintenance and doesn’t necessarily require care like other surfaces, it just tends to be more expensive.

Natural Sandstone Dublin
Natural Sandstone Dublin

Natural Sandstone Installation Dublin

Like all of our natural sandstone products, our natural sandstone Dublin experts set the highest quality Indian sandstone pavers. Sandstone can be placed at a 90 or 45-degree angle to your home, depending on taste and budget.

Our natural sandstone Dublin experts will advise you free of charge on what color and style best suits your property. All of our natural sandstones are set with wet sand and cement mortar and grouted with wet mortar to ensure long-lasting work that will stand the test of time.

This laying and grouting method is more time-consuming than inferior methods but will ensure that you have a weed-free, low-maintenance yard for years to come.

Natural Sandstone Installation Steps

1. The first step is always preparation– After careful examination of the existing layers of soil and drainage, our natural sandstone Dublin experts begin the preparatory work. To do this, the soil is dug up to the required depth. After digging, if necessary, our team of natural sandstone Dublin installs drainage.

2. Foundation Installation – The depth of the foundation required will be decided based on existing ground conditions, the final slope required, and the type and amount of traffic the area is expected to experience. Each layer of the foundation stone is carefully laid and compacted using a heavy vibratory plate. The tamping or wobble plate compacts the stone to create a truly solid foundation for your sandstone driveway or patio.

3. Sandstone Placement – ​​Once the subgrade is installed and well compacted, we can place the sandstone. Each slab is carefully placed on a bed of moist mortar. Our natural sandstone Dublin experts lay all the tiles in this way, including the cut tiles. Once all are in place, our team of natural sandstone Dublin fills the joints with a wet mixture of sand and cement (mortar). This mixture repairs and prevents the growth of weeds and strengthens the entire area preventing further subsidence.

Strong, compact footing combined with grout consolidation and reinforced grout is the strongest combination available for creating a solid patio or driveway that will not crack, leak, or hold water for long periods. Do you think this is what you are looking for? Then contact me through one of our contact options described below.

If you would like a quote for the supply and installation of Indian sandstone for your patio or driveway, call us now at +353 87 296 0958. You can also email us at or visit our contact page. Natural sandstone Dublin offers a free service where we offer advice and budget without obligation and without commitment to carry out the work.


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