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imprinted concrete

We can create concrete imprint drives and patios in an extensive range of designs, styles and colours. We've included some of our favourite imprint ideas below to give you ideas for your own home or business.

Imprint driveways are a versatile, cost effective and low maintenance option for those who require a new driveway surface. Imprinted Driveway Designs include:

  • Flagstone – flagstone imprint driveways are a great option for those who want the texture and style of flagstone, but with none of the hassle. The imprints add a textured finish to your driveway while providing extra grip, making it the perfect choice for seniors, families and high traffic areas such as shops or medical centres.


  • European Fan – the European fan style is a great option for those who want the look of stone, but don’t have the budget. It offers a contemporary finish with elegant curves and fluting. This imprint design requires less mix making it great for smaller budgets.


  • Herringbone – the herringbone imprint style creates a stunning checkerboard finish that’s perfect for front entrances, driveways and pathways. Herringbone is elegant yet compact, making it an ideal choice where space is limited or where you need maximum impact in your driveway.


  • Wood Plank – the wood plank design offers a rustic and natural look that will enhance your home. This pattern is ideal for those who want to add some character and depth to their driveway, without compromising on functionality.


  • Ashlar Slate – ashlar slate offers a random pattern that can be used to create a formal or informal driveway. This design is perfect for those who want the look of brick, without the hefty price tag.


  • Belgium Slate – belgium slate is a popular choice for driveways and pathways, due to its formal design and tactile finish. It’s often used in high traffic areas such as entrance ways or commercial buildings to add an extra layer of grip and durability.


  • Cobblestone – Cobblestone is a popular choice for smaller driveways, paths and patios with more rustic design elements. Cobblestone can be created in black with red aggregate for a bold statement or coloured with all different colours of aggregate to suit the style of your home. It’s an easy to maintain option that will last for several years without constant sealing like other concrete designs.


  • Basket Weave – The Basket Weave imprint pattern resembles interwoven timber decking with its alternating diamond pattern and creates a slightly textured finish to your driveway surface. It’s a versatile design that looks amazing with coloured aggregate for a more contemporary appearance or plain grey aggregate which has an earthy appeal.

imprinted concrete

imprinted concrete


Imprinted concrete is a great way to add design and color into your driveway, patio or parking lot without the high cost and mess of painting or staining.

At Casey’s Concrete & Paving, we offer a concrete imprinting service that will create a custom stamped pattern on your concrete surface. We can use various colors of acid stain to achieve the look you want. The imprinted pattern on your concrete is permanent and will not fade. In addition to creating a unique look, the pattern also helps prevent people from slipping on wet surfaces.


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